H2 tags

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Halo 2's tags are similar to Halo 1's, but there are many more types.

Tags list

Tag name Group ID Parent Purpose
ai_dialogue_globals adlg
ai_mission_dialogue mdlg
antenna ant_
biped bipd unit
bitmap bitm
breakable_surface bsdt
cache_file_sound shit
camera_track trak
cellular_automata devo
cellular_automata2d whip
character char_
chocolate_mountain gldf
cloth clwd
collision_model coll
colony coln
color_table colo
contrail cont
crate bloc
creature crea
damage_effect jpt_
decal deca
decorator_set DECR
decorators DECP
detail_object_collection dobc
device devi
device_control ctrl
device_light_fixture lifi
device_machine mach
dialogue udlg
effect effe
equipment eqip item
garbage garb item
globals matg
grenade_hud_interface grhi
hud_globals hudg
hud_message_text hmt_
hud_number hud_
item item
item_collection itmc
lens_flare lens
light ligh
light_volume MGS2
liquid tdtl
material_effects foot
material_physics mpdt
meter metr
model hlmt
model_animation_graph jmad
mouse_cursor_definition mcsr
multilingual_unicode_string_list unic
multiplayer_globals mulg
multiplayer_scenario_description mply
multiplayer_variant_settings_interface_definition goof
new_hud_definition nhdt
object obje
particle prt3
particle_model PRTM
particle_physics pmov
patchy_fog fpch
physics phys
physics_model phmo
pixel_shader pixl
planar_fog fog
point_physics pphy
projectile proj
render_model mode
scenario scnr
scenario_ai_resource srai
scenario_bipeds_resource srbipd
scenario_cinematics_resource srcine
scenario_cluster_data_resource srclut
scenario_comments_resource srcmmt
scenario_creature_resource srcrea
scenario_decals_resource srdeca
scenario_decorators_resource srdcrs
scenario_devices_resource srdgrp
scenario_equipment_resource sreqip
scenario_hs_source_file srhscf
scenario_lights_resource srligh
scenario_scenery_resource srscen
scenario_sound_scenery_resource srssce
scenario_structure_bsp sbsp
scenario_structure_lighting_resource srsslt
scenario_structure_lightmap ltmp
scenario_trigger_volumes_resource srtrgr
scenario_vehicles_resource srvehi
scenario_weapons_resource srweap
scenery scen
screen_effect egor
shader shad
shader_light_response slit
shader_pass spas
shader_template stem
sky sky_
sound snd_
sound_cache_file_gestalt ugh_
sound_classes sncl
sound_dialogue_constants spk_
sound_effect_collection sfx_
sound_effect_template _fx_
sound_environment snde
sound_looping lsnd
sound_mix snmx
sound_scenery ssce
stereo_system BooM
style styl
tag_database tag_
text_value_pair_definition sily
unit unit
unit_hud_interface unhi
user_interface_globals_definition wgtz
user_interface_list_skin_definition skin
user_interface_screen_widget_definition wgit
user_interface_shared_globals_definition wigl
vehicle vehi unit
vehicle_collection vehc
vertex_shader vrtx
weapon weap item
weapon_hud_interface wphi
weather_system weat
wind wind


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  • kornman00 (OpenSauce sources containing tag groups)