shader (abstract tag)

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Shader tags define the visual appearance of models in the game world. The shader tag class itself is abstract and cannot be created directly, but is extended by the various child shader types like shader_model and shader_environment.

Structure and fields

Field Type Comments
shader flags bitfield
Flag Mask Comments
simple parameterization 0x1

Causes lightmap UVs for this material to be based on existing texture UVs rather than generated completely anew by Tool/Sapien. This can be used to fix squiggly or jagged shadowing artifacts often seen on large complex surfaces using a single material. Note that any overlapping UV faces may cause lighting artifacts because one part of the lightmap texture is being used to represent different locations.

ignore normals 0x2

Lighting will ignore surface normals (the direction faces point). Use this for shaders where the surface normals are not a good representation of lighting directionality, such as foliage mapped to flat planes for trees and bushes.

transparent lit 0x4
detail level enum

Determines how detailed lightmaps will be for surfaces using this shader. This affects various radiosity tessellation parameters.

Option Value Comments
high 0x0

The surface will receive the highest possible quality of lightmaps. Shadows will be sharper and there will be greater detail in local variations in lighting.

medium 0x1

The surface will receive a medium quality of lightmaps.

low 0x2

The surface will receive a low quality of lightmaps.

turd 0x3

The surface will receive the worst possible quality of lightmaps. Use this for shaders which will be used in areas which do not need detailed shadows or the player is unlikely to visit in order to save texture space.

power float
color of emitted light ColorRGB
tint color ColorRGB
physics flags bitfield
  • Hidden
Flag Mask Comments
unused 0x1
material type enum
Option Value Comments
dirt 0x0
sand 0x1
stone 0x2
snow 0x3
wood 0x4
metal hollow 0x5
metal thin 0x6
metal thick 0x7
rubber 0x8
glass 0x9
force field 0xA
grunt 0xB
hunter armor 0xC
hunter skin 0xD
elite 0xE
jackal 0xF
jackal energy shield 0x10
engineer skin 0x11
engineer force field 0x12
flood combat form 0x13
flood carrier form 0x14
cyborg armor 0x15
cyborg energy shield 0x16
human armor 0x17
human skin 0x18
sentinel 0x19
monitor 0x1A
plastic 0x1B
water 0x1C
leaves 0x1D
elite energy shield 0x1E
ice 0x1F
hunter shield 0x20
shader type uint16
  • Volatile


Thanks to the following individuals for their research or contributions to this topic:

  • Kavawuvi (Invader tag definitions)
  • MosesOfEgypt (Tag structure research)