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Vehicles are a type of unit which can be driven by bipeds. They are dynamic objects with mass-point physics. While most examples of vehicles are fairly obvious, some more esoteric ones include the cryopods in a10, lifepods and longswords despite only being used in cinematics, and even the Halo ring seen outside the autumn's bridge.

Structure and fields

This tag inherits fields from unit which are not shown here. See the parent's page for more information. The following information is unique to the vehicle tag.

Field Type Comments
vehicle flags bitfield
Flag Mask Comments
speed wakes physics 0x1
turn wakes physics 0x2
driver power wakes physics 0x4
gunner power wakes physics 0x8
control opposite speed sets brake 0x10
slide wakes physics 0x20
kills riders at terminal velocity 0x40
causes collision damage 0x80
ai weapon cannot rotate 0x100
ai does not require driver 0x200
ai unused 0x400
ai driver enable 0x800
ai driver flying 0x1000
ai driver can sidestep 0x2000
ai driver hovering 0x4000
vehicle type enum
Option Value Comments
human tank 0x0
human jeep 0x1
human boat 0x2
human plane 0x3
alien scout 0x4
alien fighter 0x5
turret 0x6
maximum forward speed float
maximum reverse speed float
speed acceleration float
speed deceleration float
maximum left turn float
maximum right turn float
wheel circumference float
turn rate float
blur speed float

The minimum speed where the vehicle's gbxmodel ~blur permutation is used for fake motion blur. An example is the Warthog's tires.

vehicle a in enum
Option Value Comments
none 0x0
speed absolute 0x1
speed forward 0x2
speed backward 0x3
slide absolute 0x4
slide left 0x5
slide right 0x6
speed slide maximum 0x7
turn absolute 0x8
turn left 0x9
turn right 0xA
crouch 0xB
jump 0xC
walk 0xD
velocity air 0xE
velocity water 0xF
velocity ground 0x10
velocity forward 0x11
velocity left 0x12
velocity up 0x13
left tread position 0x14
right tread position 0x15
left tread velocity 0x16
right tread velocity 0x17
front left tire position 0x18
front right tire position 0x19
back left tire position 0x1A
back right tire position 0x1B
front left tire velocity 0x1C
front right tire velocity 0x1D
back left tire velocity 0x1E
back right tire velocity 0x1F
wingtip contrail 0x20
hover 0x21
thrust 0x22
engine hack 0x23
wingtip contrail new 0x24
vehicle b in enum?
vehicle c in enum?
vehicle d in enum?
maximum left slide float
maximum right slide float
slide acceleration float
slide deceleration float
minimum flipping angular velocity float
  • Default: 0.2
maximum flipping angular velocity float
  • Default: 0.75
fixed gun yaw float
fixed gun pitch float
ai sideslip distance float
ai destination radius float
ai avoidance distance float
ai pathfinding radius float
ai charge repeat timeout float
ai strafing abort range float
ai oversteering bounds Bounds
Field Type Comments
min float
max float
ai steering maximum float
ai throttle maximum float
ai move position time float
suspension sound TagDependency: sound
crash sound TagDependency: sound
material effects TagDependency: material_effects
effect TagDependency: effect


Thanks to the following individuals for their research or contributions to this topic:

  • Kavawuvi (Invader tag definitions)
  • MosesOfEgypt (Tag structure research)