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Material effects are used to spawn localized effects when dynamic objects like vehicles and bipeds collide with each other and the BSP.

Structure and fields

Field Type Comments
effects Block
  • HEK max count: 13

This block has positional entries for different types of material interactions, such as walking, impacts, and vehicle tire slip.

Field Type Comments
materials Block
  • HEK max count: 33

This block has positional entries for every hard-coded material type. These are the same material types seen in damage_effect modifiers.

Field Type Comments

TagDependency: effect

The effect to locally spawn at the interaction/collision point, which can do things like create decals, particles, lights, etc.


TagDependency: sound

A sound to play at the interaction/collision point. It is also possible to add a sound part to the effect above, but using this field may prevent the game from cutting this sound during effect-intense scenes.


Thanks to the following individuals for their research or contributions to this topic:

  • Kavawuvi (Invader tag definitions)
  • Masterz1337 (Explaining why to use the sound field)
  • MosesOfEgypt (Tag structure research)