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The Mozz Editing Kit, previously called the Moses Editing Kit or Mo's Editing Kit (MEK), is an open source and cross-platform Python-based toolset which offers alternatives to and supplements the tools of the HEK. It is primarily focused on Halo Custom Edition and has no support for H1A (MCC).

The MEK was originally created by MosesOfEgypt and was maintained by Sigmmma afterwards.

The MEK project is no longer maintained, so use it at your own risk. Although it has power-user features that save time compared to using the HEK, some its its features are buggy. If you are experiencing difficulties using the MEK's tools, consider using alternatives like Invader or the updated H1A-EK for MCC.


See main page: Refinery.


See main page: Mozzarilla.

WRL to OBJ converter

See main page: wrl-to-obj-converter.

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