Ready to share your mod with others? Most map files are self-contained and can be shared freely. Maps which rely on custom resource maps need to be distributed with those resource maps too.

Consider releasing your source assets and tags alongside the map so others can remix it too.

Pre-release checklist

  • Have you left enough spare tag space in your map so players using other languages can avoid crashes?
  • Have you supported all intended gametypes by placing the appropriate netgame flags in Sapien?
  • Does your map rely on non-standard resource maps which need to be included?

Steam workshop

If you're targeting H1 for the MCC, you can use Excession to publish your mod to the Steam workshop.

Browse for items here.

Release websites

These websites can be used to host map downloads:

Some archives which are no longer processing submissions, but worth checking out:


The map repository hosts Halo Custom Edition maps. Client mods like HAC2 and Chimera use this repository's Map Download Protocol to automatically retrieve maps when the player joins a server and does not have the map previously downloaded. See the submission guidelines for instructions uploading your map to this repository.

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How to easily share tags/assets

How to easily share tags and assets using Refinery.