The WRL to OBJ converter is a command-line Python script in the MEK used to convert WRL debug geometry, which use the very old VRML 1.0 format, into the obj format widely supported in 3D software.

It is no longer necessary to use this script to import error geometry into Blender. The code has been integrated into the Halo Asset Blender Development Toolset as an easy import option.

As a caveat, this script does not retain the WRL's colour coding (e.g. red for open edges).


Users of an up-to-date MEK should have this script already available. It can be found in the tools_misc directory. Otherwise, the script can be used standalone by downloading the source file somewhere convenient and installing the Python package tatsu (a parser generator dependency):

pip install --user tatsu


Invoke the converter on the command line like so:

# given file paths for input and output:
python3 --input input.wrl --output output.obj

# as an executable, converting from stdin to stdout:
./ < input.wrl > output.obj

When importing the .obj into Blender, be sure to use Y forward and Z up settings. For greater visibility, set the imported object's viewport display to "In Front".