The Mozz Editing Kit, previously called the Moses Editing Kit or Mo's Editing Kit (MEK), is an open source and cross-platform Python-based toolset which offers alternatives to and supplements the tools of the HEK.

Being pre-MCC, it only supports Custom Edition and should not be used with MCC tags. However, unlike invader it does support OpenSauce tags.

The MEK is still used for some of its unique features:

The MEK project unmaintained and has known issues. Consider using alternatives like Invader and the updated H1A-EK for MCC.


Refinery is a tag and source data extractor. See the Refinery page for more information.


Mozzarilla is general tag editor serving the same role as Guerilla, but with extra features. See the Mozzarilla page for more information.

Other tools

The MEK includes a tools_misc folder with miscellaneous scripts. One of these is the wrl-to-obj-converter.