Halo Anticheat 2 (HAC2) is a client mod for Halo Custom Edition. It can be considered an alternative to Chimera or OpenSauce's client features with its own feature set.


HAC2 was originally an open source mod maintained by Chaosvex, but is now a closed source mod continued by msalerno1965.


Despite the name, HAC2 is not truly an anticheat mod beyond including a sightjacker, which lets you see the game from other players' points of view in real time. While this does offer an unfair advantage, it's also used to help spot aimbotters.

  • Server bookmarking/favourites list
  • FOV (Field of view) editor
  • Sightjacker
  • HUD (Heads up display) editor
  • Automatic map downloading via HaloNet
  • Server queueing
  • Optic (medals)