Chimera is a game client modification for Halo Custom Edition, PC "Retail", and Trial which extends limits, addresses some renderer issues, and applies dozens of fixes and quality of life improvements like map downloads. See its features list for more information.


  1. Back up your game's original Strings.dll. Renaming it to strings-old.dll works.
  2. Copy strings.dll, chimera.ini, and fonts from the Chimera download into your game folder.
  3. Configure personal preferences in chimera.ini if desired.


Current vesions of Chimera are incompatible with OpenSauce and HAC2. Attempting to use them at the same time will result in crashes or a white screen when launching the game. Use the older build 581 if you want to combine Chimera with OpenSauce so you can play .yelo maps.

Chimera works on Windows 7+ and on Linux with Wine 4+.