Halo 2 Anniversary MP Mod Tools

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The Halo 2 Anniversary MP Mod Tools is the official release of content creation tools for H2A MP. These tools are updated versions of the original internal ones and are closest in relation to Halo 4's tools.

Getting started

See the general installation steps for help installing these tools. Don't forget to run the extract script!


This changelog is focused on known notable modding-related changes and is not guaranteed to be complete.

July 2023

  • Fixed background sounds not playing in Sapien.
  • Fixed blocky shadows when lightmapping.
  • Looping sounds attached to vehicles now play in Sapien.
  • Fixed a loud repeating sound distortion in Sapien/Standalone.
  • Fixed map_reset causing Sapien's hierarchy view buttons to become unresponsive.
  • scenario_structure_lighting_info can be generated for new scenarios.
  • Camera point transitions now interpolate correctly over 60 FPS.
  • Pasting text into Sapien's console no longer replaces existing text.
  • Text can now be pasted into Standalone's console.
  • Fixed crashes in Foundation:
    • Using sound tag playback controls,
    • Keyword Chooser,
    • Selecting the Prefab Browser from Assets in the Tools dropdown.
  • Removed Tag Mover dependency on tag depot.
  • Controller triggers now work in Standalone.
  • Fixed JSON property bungie_specular_intensity incorrectly setting specular_power
  • Added a solution for setting up marker permutations in FBX to GR2 pipeline.
  • Fixed prefab markers and scenario lights not having rotations written on import.
  • Added play builds of Sapien and Standalone.
  • MegaloEdit:
    • Using period key now brings up autocomplete.
    • Weapon parameters supports all weapon / damage reporting types.
    • Entering an invalid team inheritance no longer crashes.
    • Setting a team name when a map_object is setup below the teams sections no longer crashes.
    • Added various autocompletes and and error detections.
    • Targting "everyone" with set_score, submit_incident, submit_incident_with_custom_value now actually targets everyone.
    • Improved autocomplete options for condition's variables.
    • Fixed crash when putting a period in an include path before there's a closing parenthesis.
  • Fixed dialogue tags crashing Foundation when closed.
  • Tool:
    • Tool no longer logs a rasterizer warning.
    • Added Tool command multiplayer-mapinfo-replace-object-type-bitvector.
    • Fixed Tool missing the export-bitmap-tga command.
    • Tool no longer complains about "missing materialManager_attrib" for each material during model/scenario imports.
  • bin\tools\tagDb.sdf is now pre-populated, preventing some crashes when TagWatcher hadn't run yet.
  • Optimizations to make TagWatcher faster.
  • Game variants without engine_data no longer crash MCC.
  • Models with large import info can now be imported (fixes tag_data_resize() failed).
  • Added support for custom PCKs loaded from PnP mod folder.
  • script_doc now includes globals.
  • Inclusion of scripts needed to build shared files.
  • Fixed build-cache-file-custom asserts.