H3-EK currently doesn't support custom content paths and neither do legacy editing kits. This is an MCC-only feature.

The H1A-EK and H2-EK tools support using custom content paths with some caveats.

  • The data directory can be set using the -data_dir <path> flag.
  • The tags directory can similarly be set using the -tags_dir <path> flag.
  • The game root directory, used when compiling maps and finding resource maps, is set using -game_root_dir <path>.

If no content path is given the tools fallback to using the data, tags, and maps subdirectories of the current directory respectively.

Example usage

# packages the tutorial map using assets located in the "hek_tags" tags directory
tool -tags_dir hek_tags build-cache-file levels\test\tutorial\tutorial classic

# launch Sapien using your custom tag+data set located in "E:\my_custom_tagset\"
sapien -tags_dir "E:\my_custom_tagset\tags" -data_dir "E:\my_custom_tagset\data"

# Edit old HEK tags using the new Guerilla release
guerilla -tags_dir "E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\tags"

# Test your custom tagset in the standalone build
halo_tag_test -tags_dir "E:\my_custom_tagset\tags" -windowed

# also works for h2
halo2_tag_test -tags_dir "F:\custom_h2mcc\tags"

Known issues

H1 Guerilla

  • "you need to set your working directory" message(s) on startup - these can be ignored, it happens when Guerilla attempts to re-open tags not included in the current tag set.

H1 and H2 Sapien

No major issues but file selection dialog default to the last path used - make sure you select tags inside the current tags folder.


Some verbs might not work correctly, if something isn't working correctly try using that verb without content paths overrides.


No known issues.