Blendkrieg is an add-on for importing JMS, model, and gbxmodel into Blender.

Blendkrieg is an incomplete project and should not be expected to produce export-ready models or correctly import all gbxmodel data. If you are experiencing issues setting it up or with imported models you can instead try:


  1. Visit the project's GitHub repo and download the code from the anim-bones branch.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip into Blender's addons directory.
  3. Open a command prompt in the Blendkrieg add-on folder and run python -m pip install -r dependencies.txt --target="./lib" --no-deps. This will install the needed Python dependencies for the add-on to work.
  4. Open Blender, and go to Preferences > Add-ons.
  5. Find Import-Export: Blendkrieg in the list (search for it) and check the box to enable it.
  6. A Krieg menu item should appear in Blender.


From the Krieg menu import a JMS, gbxmodel, or model tag. If importing a model or gbxmodel tag you should use the 3ds Max scale option to ensure the model isn't too small.